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Unique support for unique families.

We understand firsthand how overwhelming it can be to care for a loved one with unique needs. It’s why we created a care platform that’s overwhelmingly simple.

Eleplan is an easy-to-navigate, AI-powered platform designed to support families caring for loved ones with unique needs. We're like a personal digital assistant and life guide all rolled into one, and all you need is one minute a day.


We believe less is more. Less uncertainty, less worry, and fewer sleepless nights. We know time is your greatest commodity. That's why in less than one minute a day, Eleplan helps you have more confidence, more joy, and more time to focus on the things that matter most.

We know that caring for loved ones with unique needs is challenging. It's nearly impossible to remember all there is to remember - key milestones, medications, appointments, next steps, caregivers, future planning, it's nonstop.

But Eleplan has your back.


Our platform is nonstop, too.

Always anticipating your needs, often before you're even aware of them. Based on the data you provide to create your Eleplan, our platform will automatically push information to you; reminding and notifying you as important milestones approach and connecting you with resources that can help when needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how Eleplan, a cutting-edge technology platform, leverages the power of artificial intelligence to curate valuable insights about your dear ones. By seamlessly gathering and analyzing information, Eleplan creates a comprehensive and actionable life plan that empowers you and your loved ones. Experience the future of organized living with Eleplan's innovative AI-driven approach.

Unique support for unique families.

Launching Soon!

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