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Family Succession Planning

Family Succession Planning

Passing the care torch.

Document Storage

Safely store important financial documents, wills, trusts, and estate planning documents on our platform to ensure easy access when discussing succession planning.

Push Notifications/Prompts

Receive timely reminders about important milestones in the succession planning process, such as updating wills or reviewing beneficiaries.

Plan Customization

Customize succession plans and details for each family member or heir, ensuring a smooth transition of assets and responsibilities in the event of a family member's passing.

Plan Exporting/Sharing/Downloading

Share relevant documents and succession plans securely with family members and legal advisors to facilitate effective planning and execution.

Discover how Eleplan, a cutting-edge technology platform, leverages the power of artificial intelligence to curate valuable insights about your dear ones. By seamlessly gathering and analyzing information, Eleplan creates a comprehensive and actionable life plan that empowers you and your loved ones. Experience the future of organized living with Eleplan's innovative AI-driven approach.

Unique support for unique families.

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